Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are we alone in the universe?

The age old question. Are there aliens out there, in the vast nothingness of space? Well apparently that is a very hard question to answer.

Back in 1950, a physicist named Enrico Fermi posed this question. If there are even a handful extraterrestrial civilizations the Milky Way galaxy that are capable of interstellar travel, where are they? Where is the evidence? No spacecrafts. No Space probes. Nothing...

The biggest problem that I see with this paradox is that the Universe is HUGE! Even our on galaxy is over 100,000 light years across. Now a distance that large is very hard to comprehend. Let's say that we send a a message via radio waves that are traveling at the speed of light towards the nearest star to our sun. It would take just over 4 years to get there. So if we shot a signal to the other side of the galaxy it would take over a little over 200,000 years to get there.

I believe that life is out there. Somewhere. Unfortunately, unless we can find a way to travel faster then the speed of light, the chances of us running into one of these civilizations are next to none.

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